Monday, February 19, 2018

Being a 'Boss' with NCT U ; #SongReview

Assalamualaikum and hello.

After two years waiting for their comeback, NCT U finally returned with a new song "Boss".

As a KPOP fan and a NCTzen, you're already know that NCT U is a rotational unit of NCT -that's mean the group does not have fixed members. This time around, the lineup includes Doyoung, Jaehyun, Mark, Taeyong, WinWin along with two new faces in this group -Jungwoo and Lucas.

This song is about being leaders and features lyrics written by NCT leader, Taeyong and maknae Mark. For me the beginning of the song has some 'bad' and 'dirty' beat while the whole song is full of dark vibe and it is a dynamic, electro-hip-hop track. I really like the beats of the song with the strong vocal line and rap line, features the members going hard with the choreography and showing their confident charisma.

At the same time, Mark has improved so much with his rapping style and I'm really amazed with Jungwoo's vocal along with Lucas's rap. I was not expecting that actually, because as you know they are the new members of NCT.

Technically, this song is fascinating and for me, if you want to help your mom clean the house, do it while listening to Boss.

Check out their music video!

Hook : 9 | Production : 8 | Vocal : 9 | Rap : 8 | Choreography : 8

"Boss" by NCT U : 10/10


  1. I love the song as well especially the ending part of the song :)

  2. BTS letak too high standard untuk part dancing. GV suka Kpop juga tapi setakat ini tarian BTS are the best among the best. Lagi satu, tiap kali tgk wajah Kpop stars, asyik imagine cmner muka asal dorg before plastic surgery. huhu. Cmner pun, NCT mmg salah satu Kpop group yang bagus. :)

    1. Yes tak dinafikan yang kebanyakkan idol ada jugak buat plastic surgery but tak semua laa yang buat. Masih ada yang original punya muka, hehe. Setuju, tarian BTS mmg the best and Rii selalu tngok diorang punya dance practice.