Friday, September 23, 2016

Weekly Idol Episode 269 : INFINITE


Assalamualaikum and Hi guys.

INFINITE is back again with their new song, The Eyes. This song is very catchy and interesting for me and I love INFINITE !! Besides, I love their dances for this song. Have you watched the MV? If not, you need to watch it now.

Here I will list some reasons why you need to watch them in Weekly Idol.
1. Because they are INFINITE and they are so funny, of course. 

2. The leader always bullied. Hahaha, poor Sungkyu.

3. Woohyun's heart maker. So cute 

4. Dancing to their new song; The Eyes

5. Compulsory, Random Dance. They dance to their old song. This part is so funny, seriously.

6. Limbo game and OMG, Dongwoo is so flexible. Hahaha.

7. Their dance cover of girl group, this is funny too hahaha.

Sungkyu and Dongwoo - Up and Down by Exid
Woohyun and Myungsoo - Cheer Up by Twice
Hoya - Ah Choo by Lovelyz
Sungyeol - Pick Me - IOI ( this one is the BEST)

8. Sungyeol's Pick Me.

OMG, Sungyeol's legs are goal. Hahaha.

9. Maknae Sungjong is so beautiful, seriously + blonde hair.

10. Be Mine dance, 2x faster. KING, they're slayyyyy !!


One. Cute Hani.

Sungkyu's Eyes ( I love his eyes ).

Handsome Myungsoo + Cute Myungsoo

Hahahaha, Myungsoo's invisible mic.

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