Saturday, September 17, 2016

My True Friend

{ My True Friend / Meung Gu }


Song (Natcha Jantharapan), Bangkok city boy, moved to live with his sister in Chiengmai. He is quiet and introverted. He has no friend and always be bullied by other people. At the school, Song meet Gun (Mario Maurer), a leader of youth gang SPERM. He and his gang members always have punch-up things. They were thought to be kind of gangsters. Song was warned to stay away from them. However, when Song got problems, Gun and his gang members always sincerely help him out. Song found their true skins and was impressed by their strong spirits and true friendship. Finally Song decides to join in SPERM gang. His world has been changing. Though he realized that many terrible things will come into his life, but that makes their friendship be more tightened and bring him the actual meaning of the word "true friend".


{ Mario Maurer as Gun }

{ Natcha Jantapan as Song }

For me, this movie is interesting to watch. Its about FRIENDSHIP.
At the end, I hope Gun will alive but there's no hope tho.

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