Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bakuman Live Action

{ Bakuman / バクマン}


Moritaka Mashiro (Takeru Satoh) doesn't want to follow in the path of his uncle who worked as a manga artist, but ultimately died because of exhaustion. Moritaka Mashiro figures he will graduate from school and work at an office. Things change though when falls in love with a girl at school. The girl, who hopes to become a voice actress, tells Moritaka they can marry, but only after they both achieve their dreams. Moritaka then teams up with fellow classmate Akito Takagi (Ryunosuke Kamiki) to publish their first manga.


{ Takeru Satoh as Moritaka Mashiro }

{ Ryunosuke Kamiki as Akito Takagi }

For anyone interested in anime, you guys can watch this movie.
I'm a big fan of anime, so it's very convenient for me. Best live action movie so far.


  1. Wahhh drama jepun! Sejak habis belajar 5 tahun lepas, siqah dah tak tengok drama Jepun. Tak tahu nak tengok yang mana. Dulu tengok pun sebab ada rekomen drpd kawan :)

  2. I also love Bakuman, read the manga and watch anime. Live action movie blum lg pernah lihat. But yeah I love the story so much! :D