Welcome to REVIEW section and thank you for dropping by. So, all of these entries down below are my reviews that I wrote in 2 languages which are Malay and English or maybe sometimes, I will mixed them together -'bahasa rojak'. I hope you like my review and I'm so sorry if I lack something in writing reviews. 



1. Rasai kelainan dengan menonton GOBLIN.
2. Permulaan cerita yang menarik dalam MAD DOG.
3. Jalan cerita yang 'mind-blowing' dan 'plot twist' yang menarik dalam BLACK.
4. Pelbagai ragam kehidupan di penjara dalam WISE PRISON LIFE.



a) Thailand
MAY WHO - comedy
MY TRUE FRIEND - action, drama

b) Tamil
SALIM- action, thriller, romance
VEDALAM - action, drama, thriller, mystery
c) Korea
THE CON ARTIST - action, thriller, crime, comedy, drama

d) English
THE UNINVITED - horror, supernatural, psychological, crime, thriller, drama
THE VISIT - horror, thriller
THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE - horror, thriller, mystery
IN HELL -action

e) Taiwan
OUR TIMES - comedy, romance

f) Japan
CROW ZERO - action, thriller







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