Sunday, July 30, 2017

My Favourite Kpop Reactors - TOP 5

Assalamualaikum and hello.

For this time, I want to write about kpop reactors (this is what I call them) - means they react to kpop music videos. There are so many reactors actually but I just list 5 best reactors that I love to watch. If you are interested, just click on their youtube channel down here and enjoy their reactions !

1. JRE

Youtube Channel : JREMKL

JRE is my first favourite kpop reactor, he is so funny and I love the way he enjoy the music videos. 

2. KMoments

Youtube Channel : KMoments

Members : Josh, David, Mark and Gabe

3. Fresh Baon

Youtube Channel : Fresh Baon

Members : Justin, Cedrick, Raph and Jason

 4. 5Guys MV React

Youtube Channel : 5Guys Official

Members : Hagan, Michael, Tianbo, Fred and Tyan

For these 13 boys ( KMoments + Fresh Baon + 5Guys ), I really love their reaction very much. I mean, it's hard to find fanboys nowadays especially when it comes to boy group. When you watch them, you can find out how they react to those boy group like EXO BTS GOT7 and so on. It is so funny but I enjoy watching their reaction tho and you can see Justin from Fresh Baon fanboying over Namjoon hahaha. 

5. Classical Musicians
from left to right : naoki, ben and shimon

Youtube Channel : ReacttotheK

For this reactors ( there are a lot of them ), I love how the way they talk about music. What I mean is when the music start then they will say like 'Oh the piano', they know what notes and what instruments of the music. For me they are different from other reactors, they're special. They concentrate on the music videos tho but at the same time they talk about music. Well they're are student musicians hahaha. The owner of this channel is Umu and she's beautiful!

So thats all from me today, how about you guys? Who is you favourite youtubers / reactors?
See you next time.


  1. i rarely watch mv reaction, but i watch how the react towards our food/actor/actress :)

    1. oh, i need to watch how they react to our food next time hahaha

  2. i love CLASSICAL MUSICIANS REACTIONS, bcs they honest. the way they react to musics and they recognize which keynotes and tones truly amazing.

  3. dulu slalu tgk fomo daily,tapi ntah lah reaction diorang tak berapa best dah hahaha,skrg just tgk yg classical musicians tu je,paling suka bila tgk diorang react mv blackpink whistle hihi

    1. yup betul, lagipun diorang suka skip video tu jadi tak puas pulak tengok

  4. Jre and Kmoments are my favorites too! Dropping by here :)

    1. yeah, they're so funny right especially kmoments